David J. Truscello

I am honored to have been mentored by Dr. Itidiare over the past 3 years as a resident in South Jersey. I have had the privilege of watching him first hand with patient interactions and intricate medical decision making. His level of effort and focus is unbridled. Aside from outstanding clinical acumen, Dr. Itidiare always takes time to mentor the next generation of young physicians. He would go out of his way to make teaching points and never shied away from allowing lower level residents to assist him in interesting research or case reports. Through his excellent guidance and mentorship I am proud to not only call Michael a friend, I can now call him a colleague as he helped me match into my top GI fellowship choice.

Kirby Leo

I am a recent graduate from Johns Hopkins University who connected with Dr. Mallipudi during the fall of 2019 through my university's alumni network; I had aspirations at the time to pursue a physician-scientist career. Dr. Mallipudi was the first individual who challenged my understanding of this path and compelled me to fully consider my motivations for entering medical school. From the questions he posed about what draws me to medicine and the suggestions he made in how I could learn more about the field through my university resources, I formed an awareness that has genuinely supported my conviction for this path and the narrative of my MD-PhD application. I am currently in the interview process for MD-PhD programs, and I believe that Dr. Mallipudi's enthusiastic helping hand will empower other young adults to similarly work toward their dreams.

Sirawar Matin

I met Dr. Rajiv through a fellowship I was a part of called America Needs You (ANY). I was fortunate enough to have Dr. Rajiv serve as my mentor throughout the fellowship, however, his role in my journey did not end there. Not only did he provide me with all of the resources and guidance to succeed throughout the fellowship, he continues to be a close mentor to me to this very day. As a first-generation college student, there were many things that I did not understand. Dr. Rajiv has helped me navigate throughout the college experience, and I can honestly say that without his mentorship I would not be where I am today. I am currently applying to graduate schools, and I have that opportunity because of all the guidance and expertise Dr. Rajiv had provided me with. I’ve had a few mentors throughout college, but never one that truly paid attention to my personal and academic circumstances and helped me overcome them like Dr. Rajiv Mallipudi has.

Michelle Corrado

Matched into Pediatric Gastroenterologist Fellowship Dr. Mallipudi specifically has an interest in mentoring students interested in a career in medicine. Personally, I would not be where I am today, a dual-degree MD/MBA pediatrician, if it weren't for Rajiv. He has mentored me since day one of medical school and encouraged me to pursue my career aspirations, even when I didn't think I was capable. On my most challenging days of medical school, Rajiv encouraged me to step back up and reminded me of why I went into medicine. When I didn't think I was capable of completing a dual-degree in medicine and business, he reminded me of my abilities and invested his time to look over my application and provide meaningful feedback. As a resident physician, he continues to check in on me and is proactive about making sure I am on track to meet my next career goals. He is a mentor to the core, and I am so grateful to have him as my own mentor. I think Rajiv meets all of the criteria and characteristics you are looking for in an applicant as a pre-med mentor. He is committed to a career in hospital medicine where he may continue to mentor others throughout their career. He values the continuum of mentorship which spans pre-med to med school to residency, fellowship, and beyond.

Jordan Polo

I am a premed student currently in Avalon University and a mentee of Dr. Rajiv Mallipudi. I would honestly like to say he is a great mentor and is always willing to talk to me when I need advice or when I'm stressed. He is a great leader that chooses to inspire others and pass on his knowledge to others with dreams of becoming a healthcare physician.

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