1. Welcome to ONORIMED!

this is a medical community.  we wish for our users to feel safe. we do not condone bigotry,  threats or false representation. users must register with institution affiliated emails to become active members of onorimed. once this is verified, users will be able to create their medical profiles. this medical profile is confidential; it  will be utilized to help link our  users with  Training institution.

2. Using our Services

in order for users to  receive their results, they must become active members of onorimed. active membership will be based on the user’s profile and  established  after receiving a “welcome to onorimed” confirmation email.  Information provided on onorimed is free to all users. however, a premium memberships is available for a fee.

3. Premium Memberships

Premium memberships are provided by onorimed to further bolster the applicant; this is separate from information provided for training institutions.  For more information, please check the premium membership tab.  premium memberships last for 1 month duration.  once fees are paid they are non-refundable.

4. User’s Responsibilities

our goal is to lists compatible training institutions for eligible members on onormied. we serve as guide to link our members with training institutions. we are not responsible for matching nor are we obligated to create a rank list for our members. each and every member has a personal obligation to apply through the necessary avenues of services for medical schools, residencies, and fellowships.