1. Can other access my Medical CV?

– NO. This is only  accessible through your own person log in.

2. It is Possible to go over the Results of the Training Institutions that i am Compatible with to see the one I'm most Compatible with?

– YES. We can be reached at onorimed@gmail.com or info@onorimed.com.

– Also depending on your location,  in person counseling meeting can be set up.

3. How much does it Cost to be a Member?

– Monthly memberships:
$9.99 Pre-medical students ( Requires college emails)
$19.99 Medical Students. ( Requires medical school emails)
$29.99 Medical Residents ( Requires hospital emails)
$39.99 Medical Fellows ( Requires hospital emails)
$49.99 Medical Attending ( PD’s, Chiefs, Hospital Admins)

4. How do I become a Sponsor?

– Please contact us our information is provided in the correspondence tab.

5. Can content of this Website be share?

–  Please read Privacy Policy.

6. Where is this Content derived from?

–  Our team that has researched medical training institution via current  public medical databases. We have pooled pertain attributes needed to create our database.  Additionally we have contacted these Institutions with special request to personally update their medical CV’s upon joining ONORIMED.