ONORIMED Founded 2017


As a first year Gastroenterology Fellow my responsibilities were vast! From day one, I quickly realized that there was no hand holding. I was the Gastroenterologist in the hospital and I’d better live up to that title. One day in between cases, I found myself reminiscing about my past. I relived my first rejection from medical school and then somehow fast-forwarded to posting my acceptance letter for fellowship. As I continued to recall milestones, I decided to calculate just how much I spent in total for medical training. I had spent approximately $4,000 applying to medical school, $7,000 for residency and $2000 for fellowship. The total amount left me speechless! My next thought was “How could I help reduce the burden of future trainees who too want to achieve their goals without spending a fortune? ” This question led to the birth of ONORIMED.

What We Do

ONORIMED is a US based company focused on compatible medical training!

Our mission is to help link prospective pre-medical students, medical students and residents into medical schools, residencies and fellowships based on compatibility. Compatibility from the beginning goes a long way! A compatible environment will foster an environment that allows for the trainee to truly direct their focus on learning.

Who We Are

We have a team composed of college graduates, physicians, and information technologists focused on one objective: the applicant. We understand our applicants will come from unique backgrounds, with different perspectives, but ultimately have the unifying desire to pursue a career in medicine. With this understanding, we promise to utilize a integrative approach in bringing the applicant one step closer to their future.

What's Our Aim

Our holistic approach is our fuel! Our goal is not to compete with other matching services. Our goal is to save you a fortune and give you results. Literally-we truly have a vested interest in giving you results. If you have desirable school, residency, or fellowship in specific location, feel free to create your Medical-CV, toggle through our filters and allow us to create a personalized assorted list for you. No two user’s list should be a like, unless of course you have a medical twin!

Our Team




Michael Itidiare, DO, MBS, is a board-certified Internist with specialty training in Gastroenterology.




Rajiv M Mallipudi, MD, MHS is a board-certified internal medicine hospitalist physician, healthcare systems clinical researcher…

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