Welcome to ONORIMED! We are thrilled that you have stopped by! ONORIMED is a web-based Platform For Pre-Medical Students, Medical Students, Medical Residents/Fellows, Accredited Medical Training Institutions, and Attending Physicians.

As we continue to add additional resources to our platform, we encourage you to explore, take notes, and contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.

What We Do

Find the Right School for You

ONORIMED is a US based company
focused on medical training!

Our mission at ONORIMED is simply; we look to link prospective pre-medical students, medical students, and residents with medical schools, residencies, and fellowships.

We also encourage program directors and attending physicians to use our platform. The right candidate for your program or a new patient might come from a listing  that you create here on ONORIMED!

“Applying to medical school and ultimately a hospital system for residency/fellowship can be an emotional process. We aim to minimize your stress load by reducing time spent on searching for the ideal institution.”

We have gone through the burden for you and understand that your time is invaluable. This is real, this is our prerogative,  and this is where your story begins!

“Our goal is not to compete with other medical services. We are trailblazers. This is unique in that we take a holistic approach from the beginning.”

“Our osteopathic core gives our team directionaility. We believe that the mind, body, and spirit are one. True compatibility lies with the appeasement of all three entities. The separation of them fosters chaos.”

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